then and now

before and after shots are such a great way to look at how far we have come.  this trip to chicago was a great example of how much i have changed.

the first time i visited chicago was in april 2008. here we are freezing at a cubs game.

fast forward to this past weekend. i don’t even recognize the person in the above picture. what a great reminder to keep going to the gym.  keep counting calories. keeping my health a priority.

my second trip was in november 2010.  then on the left, now on the right.

me and the husband in 2010.

and this past weekend.

i am so grateful to have such amazing friends both locally and far away. they are so supportive of my weight loss and have been there cheering me on every step of the way.  losing significant weight can definitely change relationships, sadly. peoples own insecurities prevent happiness and support of a friend. i get it. i completely understand. it is just sad. but it makes me more appreciative of the positive relationships that i do have.

and this guy. he makes me smile. every. single. day.