weekly menu

getting back on track means organizing meals. this is the best time of year to eat tons of fruit and local vegetables.  time to stock up the body with lots of healthy eats!

breakfast: green superfood bars.  stocked full of whole food ingredients.  not an everyday meal item but great for when on the go and want to get good nutrients. i like peanut butter and the husband will only eat the chocolate.
lunch:  leftover swiss chard frittata. fresh watermelon. yogurt cup.
dinner: whole foods. healthy eats before grocery shopping.

breakfast: green smoothie. spinach, banana, and strawberries.
lunch: yogurt. fresh watermelon. pb2 and banana tortilla wrap.
dinner: spinach salad. fresh strawberries, raspberry vinaigrette, feta.

breakfast: green smoothie. raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, almond milk, spinach.
lunch: yogurt with granola. fresh watermelon.
dinner: red beans and rice.

breakfast: oatmeal topped with strawberries and a banana.
lunch: leftover red beans and rice.
dinner: chicken kebabs with sugar snap peas from our garden.

breakfast: green smoothie. whatever ingredients i have left to throw in the vitamix.
lunch: leftover red beans and rice.
dinner: date night with some fabulous ladies!

saturday – fun day in raleigh!
breakfast: green superfood bar.
lunch: downtown.
dinner: local finds from the farmers market.

brunch: spinach omelet. green smoothie.
dinner: kielbasa, pepper, cabbage stir fry with roasted potatoes.

what do you eat to stay on track?


I admire your journey to health! As someone who doesn't have genetics on my side when it comes to weight, I can say I appreciate how hard you have to work and that it is a lifelong journey. Now, having said that, you asked what your readers are hbing this week. Here's a fab recipe for black bean, corn, and avacado salad. We are at our family beach house and using the farmers market like a grocery store. Not sure if it's totally gluten free, but it's packed full of fiber, good fat, and anti oxidants! 1 ripe avocado cut into small piecesFour ears of fresh corn, cooked and cut off the cobTwo tbs onionOne tbs garlic chopped2 Roma tomatoes dicedOne half lime squeezedOne can black beansPinch of cilantro (unless your hubs thinks it tastes like soap which mine does) I put it on top of grilled salmon. Major yum! Mix and stir