weekly menu

getting back into the groove from a quick weekend away.   this week i am challenging myself to try eating as many meals from our pantry.  the key being to also eat at home.

breakfast: pb2, frozen banana, milk, spinach green smoothie.
lunch: frozen strawberries, frozen banana, yogurt, milk, spinach green smoothie. bowl of cereal.
dinner: fresh fruit, yogurt, eggs – probably scrambled.

breakfast: mango almond overnight oats.
lunch: strawberry, pineapple green smoothie.
dinner: on our own. i will plan for whole grain toast, fresh sliced strawberries with pb2. along with yogurt and granola. maybe some fresh watermelon.

breakfast: blueberry, maple overnight oats.
lunch: 1 cup pineapple, 1 frozen banana, 2 cups spinach, 1 cup water green smoothie.
dinner:  pancakes with fresh fruit.

breakfast: apple cinnamon overnight oats. pack a green smoothie to go.
lunch: out with my court ladies.
dinner: out with my husband. date night to celebrate my court case being over. hopefully, truly celebrating a positive ruling. fingers crossed.

breakfast: mango almond over night oats.
lunch: frozen strawberries, frozen banana, yogurt, milk, spinach green smoothie.
dinner: grilled salmon. black bean, spinach and corn salad on the side.

saturday and sunday
overnight oats
omelet with spinach and fruit
green smoothies
roasted whole chicken
kale chips