weigh in monday

three watermelons and several trips to the frozen yogurt bar later it is time to weigh in.  over all i had a really good week.  i counted calories.  made healthy choices.  and watched my portions.  the summer is really the best time to count calories.  with all the seasonal fruits and vegetables, it is delicious to eat well.  plus when it is really warm, sitting down to a cold green smoothie hits the spot.

i am impatiently waiting to get back in the gym.  i seriously miss going.  i miss my trainer.  i miss the feeling afterwards.  i don’t know when i became that girl that likes going to the gym.  but at some point i did.  and i miss it.  i tried going swimming last week and kicking my right leg just hurt my back too much.  i figure if it hurts to swim, running is out.  and i am definitely not lifting.  it is beyond frustrating.

this pinterest find cracked me up.  especially with my back pain, planks are not happening.  but lets keep it real, they weren’t really my thing before.  i attempted because my trainer told me to but i am sure i looked much more like the later photo.

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hopefully this week i can get back.  patience and i have never been great friends.  fingers crossed.

my numbers for the week:
2 pounds down.  i will take a solid two pounds any week.  i was a tenth away from three pounds.  so close! hopefully it will roll over to next week and i will pull an even bigger number.

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we hit up the farmer’s market on saturday. a huge bag of kale for $2. tomatoes for 99 cents per pound.  squash and zucchini for 89 cents per pound. eggplant and corn on the cob.  oh and watermelon.  we literally spent $15 for an entire week of beautiful vegs.

what is your favorite low calorie summer treat?  i can not stop eating watermelon.  last summer it was mango.  it is official, move over mango i can’t get enough of the melon.