auction for a quilt.

a dear friend that i went to high school with is going through the adoption process with her husband, phillip. allison and her husband have been on the heartbreaking emotional roller coaster of trying to have a baby. we have shared many, many emails and she has been such a tremendous support to me throughout the years of our own heartbreaking roller coaster.they have come to the point in their story where adoption is right.  simply put. it is just meant to be. i love reading allison’s blog about how they came to this decision.  she has such clarity and without a doubt knows that adopting a child is her purpose.

adoption is crazy expensive and i wanted to do something to help with the costs.  every little bit helps.

i am currently auctioning my most popular baby/lap quilt on ebay.  check out the link here.  bid.  bid a few times.  why?  because 100% of the money goes to bringing baby k home.

the auction ends in 1 day.  1 day people.  1 day to put your money towards an amazing family.