finding greatness.

my new site is officially up and running! i am planning a “welcome” post that will share all the new features and bells and whistles that my team has been working so hard on.  my team being my computer wiz husband and amazing friend and pet sitter, bonnie.  thankfully, they both work on my home cooked meals and desserts.  i am a lucky, lucky blogger.

i am just getting the hang of posting on this new format. i thought what better way to learn than to jump in with posting a video clip. a commercial actually.

i love, love, love the olympics. the athletes are incredible. the pageantry is inspiring. i love watching these incredible athletes come from all over the world for the love of sport. there is something special about it all. the olympic spirit. everyone has a chance to win gold. this commercial gave me goosebumps. it reminded me that we don’t have to be olympic athletes to be great.  we have to push ourselves to find our own greatness.

greatness is not in one special place.

and it is not in one special person.

greatness is wherever somebody is trying to find it.

find your greatness.