a sneak peek

our master bedroom and bathroom have needed major tlc since we moved in.  the entire downstairs grabbed our attention first and the bedroom has been neglected.  over the past couple of months i have become inspired.  i found a color scheme that i immediately fell in love with and from there i have been waiting for furniture sales, thrift store finds, paint sales, and basically time to pull it all together.

i am still working on custom curtains from purchased (on sale) shower curtains. art work is in the works.  there are spray painted thrift store finds currently drying.  all projects i can’t wait to share.  i am so thrilled with how it is turning out that i couldn’t wait to give you all a sneak peak.

here is our tremendously uninspired bedroom before. notice the paint swatches.  this room didn’t know what was getting ready to hit it.  it always amazes me the difference a coat of paint can have on a room. the wall color was a neutral, which is great but it was the cream with the pink base.  no thank you.  i am definitely a girl that loves her pink but never on the walls.

and the sneak peak.


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