homemade yogurt. take one.

we eat a lot of yogurt in this house. in fact, we have kinda become yogurt snobs. it is true. i feel like there should be a support group. the other day, while standing in my favorite aisle at the grocery store, the dairy aisle, i was looking at the ingredients of my favorite brand. they were all simple ingredients that i could either make or find on my own. no crazy chemicals. no flavorings that, while tasty, i couldn’t replicate. so why is the yogurts with less chemicals, less ingredients the most expensive.  i know, i know. they are better for our health, yada yada. what about my bank account?! most of my grocery budget was going to yogurt.

i started researching how to make our own yogurt. seemed simple enough. especially with an automatic yogurt maker.  we decided on this one. we then waiting for a great sale and a promo code for free shipping. it literally cost what we spend on yogurt in about 2 weeks. done.

last night we made our first batch.  the big debate was whether or not to add flavoring while “cooking” or after.  since we couldn’t decide, we just went without. i don’t know how people eat plain yogurt. i have tried but i just can’t. it makes my face contort in weird, unnatural ways. i am just not a fan. but it is good, i think, to know what the “base” homemade yogurt tastes like.

we started with our clean seven jars. i love the lids. they have a dial so you can put the date you either made the yogurt or the date (10 days from when you make it) it will expire. so handy and clever.

we opted for a more firm yogurt. this meant heating milk to 180 degrees and then cooling it down to 111-113 degrees. once cool, we poured the yogurt starter culture and whisked until completely dissolved. once you have your yogurt made, we can use some of the yogurt from this batch for the starter for our next one.

after pouring the milk/yogurt into the jars, we let them “incubate” overnight. the directions say to incubate for approximately 7 hours. after done, place in the refrigerator for a few hours to stop the incubation. easy. this morning we woke up to firmed yogurt.

the smell fooled me. i thought it smelled delicious so i went in with a spoonful.  cue weird face. i forgot we decided to go with plain. no thank you. we both love blueberry flavored yogurt so i whipped up a simple blueberry syrup.  in a saucepan i added 1 cup of frozen blueberries, a splash of lemon juice, vanilla, cinnamon and 1 tablespoon of honey. i heated it until it was well combined and the blueberries had all “popped.” i then added some cornstarch to thicken up the liquid.

since i had a “homemade” theme going on, i opted for my favorite handmade pottery bowl.

good morning beautiful. i am so excited to try new flavorings and different textures. the possibilities are endless for homemade, money saving goodness.

now if i could just get a couple goats, i would have been able to provide my own milk :)

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That looks really awesome. I bet you have a lot of great live culture activity going on in that yogurt. Perry