i love you because … pinterest finds friday.

i am so excited about pinterest finds friday.  i have assembled supplies for projects in the works and i love having deadlines to keep me focused.  our master bedroom is getting a major renovation. new paint, new furniture, window treatments, the works. i absolutely can’t wait to share with you the finished space.  we are a couple weekends away, the closet decided to be a bigger project that we anticipated due to badly installed shelving that needs to be redone.  this pinterest find is for the bedroom and it literally makes me smile.

here is the pinterest find original:

click for source.

a frame, a print out, and a dry erase marker. simple enough.

here is my version for our grey and yellow themed bedroom:

our bedroom walls are a light grey and the black frame and pops of yellow look great. i couldn’t be happier with this project.

here is what i did:

1- found a frame that i loved along with scrapbook paper that coordinated with our theme.

2- used word to format my wording and font choice, then print. i chose to make our wording off center, i liked the look a bit better and it leaves more room to leave sweet notes to each other.

once it is on the wall, i will attach the dry erase marker with velcro to the side of the frame. simple projects to make our house feel more like a home. sigh. i love pinterest.

remember, if you have a project you want me to blog about send me a link in the comment section. and you can always follow me on pinterest to get a preview of some of the projects i am interested is.

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