mumford and sons concert.

on thursday the husband and i joined two of our good friends and headed to virginia for the portsmouth mumford and sons concert. needless to say, they did not disappoint.  not one single bit.  here is the husband and myself waiting on the lawn before the show started.  first row lawn seating can’t be beat.

and then the show began. it was incredible. a perfect mix of the favorite songs from their existing cd with several new songs from their upcoming new cd.  the release date is september 25th. and yes, my copy is already pre-ordered.

what amazes me about these four guys from west london is their lyrics.  it is as if they are singing directly into my soul.  the thing is everyone at the concert knew every word, right along with me.  those words mean something to them.  it was a beautiful thing being in a small-ish venue and hearing waves of people singing the same lyrics that mean so much to me.  i love that four guys can write songs that have helped me heal from miscarriage.  it is pretty incredible.

here is one of their new songs.  i believe it will be their first single.  it moved me.  of course, everything these days is related to my fertility. or frustrations and sadness and anger, i.e. my fertility.  it all goes hand and hand at this point.  the song is “i will wait” and i am beyond sure it was not meant to be written for a woman that so desperately wants a child of her own but that is how i took it. it brings tears to my eyes every time i listen.  it moves me.  and at the end of the day, i am waiting for our child.  and i will wait until the day when i wait no more.

“now i’ll be bold
as well as strong
and use my head alongside my heart”

just in case you wanted another reason to run to get their new cd.

i mean. tears streaming down my face.

“so give me hope in the darkness that i will see the light
cause oh that gave me such a fright
but i will hold as long as you like
just promise me that we’ll be alright”


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