mumford and sons. part one.

the countdown is on. thursday i am grabbing my husband, my best friend and her husband. we are hitting the road and heading north. to see mumford and sons. words can’t describe how excited i am to see this concert.  mumford and sons have been my life soundtrack for the last year.  some of the songs bring instant tears.  some get me fired up to go for a run.  needless to say, they have been an integral part of my workout playlist.  each step i took losing 100 pounds was while singing these lyrics. along with florence and the machine, these two groups have moved me in ways music never has before.

i know, deep. what can i say, it has been a shitty couple of years. everyone has to find motivation to get through whatever their struggles are.  my motivation came from these lyrics.

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listen to the lyrics.

and i’ll find strength in pain
and i will change my ways
i’ll know my name as it’s called again

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