second class, complete.

during my blog break i completed my second pottery class. i have been invited to do an independent study and am thrilled at the opportunity and the confidence my instructor has in my ability to go out on my own a bit.  i am giving my back another month before i jump in.  i just love throwing on the wheel.  it is therapeutic on many levels.

here are my finished pieces.  i was pretty proud that i was able to finish what i did.  i had one full class before my back injury.  basically, these were the pieces i was able to throw while healthy.  then i had to come in during off days to do as much as i could.  a herniated disk + being hunched over a pottery wheel = lots of pain.

my first mug turned out beautiful.  i was so very happy with it.

the glaze in the inside is my favorite part.  i love the earthy reds and browns in contrast with the vibrant blue on the outside.

a little saucer. i fell completely in love with this “mexican blue” glaze.

another bowl but larger.  this one was my “crap” bowl.  the edge did not make me happy so i decided to “chip” away at it hoping that after it was glazed it would result in a cool effect.  it did. it went from my crap bowl to one of my favorites.

next up are my berry bowls.  i am still mastering bowls but wanted to do something a little different.  berry bowls it is.