this is my life.

this is a day in my life. have you ever had moments where you just sit back and laugh at the realization that this is your life.  this is the life you chose. or it chose you. either way. it is all yours.  today i am having that day.

it all started with the husband leaving this morning with a sweet kiss “hey, i think something is wrong with stevie nicks. have a good day!” oh okay. it didn’t seem like an emergency request so out the door i went with my electric pink sneakers for a run.  by the time i get back the husband is gone and i check on the chickens.

indeed, stevie nicks wasn’t acting like herself.  i decided to take advantage of my current sweat situation and clean out the coop. i also decided to bring stevie nicks inside. this involves getting a plastic box filled with shavings, electrolyte water, fresh food inside. oh and i had to catch the chicken.  she is one of the newbies and is not easy to catch. at all.  if there were ever a video of this, i would be youtube famous.  by 10 this morning, i had a run, cleaned up chicken poop, and caught a chicken. rock star day ahead.

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lets see. a quick call to our local feed store. then to our poultry extension agent. then a shower. blogging. eat lunch. etsy emails. make 3 pillows. 2 loads of laundry {yet to be folded, oops} receive 4 pillow orders. decide to make 3 pillows for our master bedroom (almost finished!). oh right. time to check on the chicken.

i walk over martha stewart, sam, and milo. all sitting in our living room. {the chicken is inside our office, just off of the living room. it was not a coincidence that all the four-legged babies were all together in this room. ridiculous.} this is what i find when i open the door.

oh hell no. i just shut the door. i sat on the couch and laughed. i called the husband and laughed and laughed. this is my life. of course.

i made a plan with the husband {which didn’t include a shot of tequila, but should have} and i went back inside. to find this.

oh really stevie nicks. you think if you look away you won’t see me either?! i mean, i guess that is what i did when i just shut the door. pretend i didn’t see what i just saw. we tangoed a bit. i caught her, again. {this is definite rock star status} i decided if she is healthy enough to bust out of her top {which had textbooks on top to weigh it down!} then she is healthy enough to be outside.

so this is my life. i appreciate the days when i can just sit back and laugh.

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