it has been a two months since the last time i traveled via plane.  it has been only three short weeks since our last little road trip.  but i have the bug. the travel bug.  i’ve got it bad. wanderlust that is. a very strong and irresistible impulse or desire to travel the world.

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i am not sure what it means honestly.  maybe i am just restless.  i am plenty busy and the days seem to fly by along with the to-do list only growing. but emotionally i am in this weird place.  we just concluded our “year of me” where we traveled to places i have always wanted to go or my favorite places to be.  i focused on goals and health and it was wonderful.  the plan was to now continue life with health at a top priority and to shift gears to baby making.  well, i am not sure why i thought it would happen immediately.  nothing seems to go according to my plan.  but this month to month uncertainty, it is emotionally exhausting.

so the thought of just getting away is beyond refreshing to my frustrated soul. i sincerely love going to cities i have never been.  each destination has a unique feel.  i remember when we were in the arizona desert last year, not wanting to blink my eyes. i wanted to absorb every ounce of this new landscape.  it fascinates me on a deep level that i yearn to replicate.

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luckily, we have a fun big city trip planned later this year for a couple of days.  a first time camping adventure right around the corner.  but the desire is there to travel more.  and it is fierce.