boobies and running

when the sun is shining, the air is crisp and cool it is a no brainer to lace up the sneakers and get outside.  a walk.  a run.  or somewhere in between.  it does this soul good.  this morning was the perfect storm of happiness and motivation.

i realized as i was strapping the girls in for my run that i have never shared my favorite sports bra.  ladies, please pay attention.  a good sports bra is worth the money.  invest.  here is my favorite. i have tried many.  my girls and i have to go with an underwire but this sports bra doesn’t feel like many that have the poking in your side wire.  there is lots of padding and boy, once it is on, the girls aren’t going anywhere.

i am quickly becoming a huge fan of instagram.  it is quicker than updating facebook with pictures.  it is simple.  i love the photo options.  needless to say, i am officially on the bandwagon.  you can follow me at kelsirwilson. hopefully my blog tech guy can work some magic and link up the blog to my photos.

i sincerely love where we live.  (especially when it isn’t 100 degrees.  then, not so much!) i love running on a gravel road. i love running past the horse and lama pasture. whenever the seldom car drives by, everyone waves.

i love representing my boys.  the red sox are technically still playing games but at this point, there is no point.  an absolutely terrible, embarrassing year is soon coming to an end.  but i love my team, in good times and in bad.

i hope where you are the weather is as amazing as it is here and you can take some time to enjoy it.  sit outside and breathe in the sun.

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Totally agree on the sports bra. I'm pretty top heavy and CANNOT run without major support.  Another good source for serious sports bras is Title Nine.  They rank them by bounce (or lack thereof) and have never steered me wrong!