cowboy style camping with my le creuset, of course.

this past weekend, i camped.  in a tent.  in the woods.  with my best friend.  it was an amazing adventure.  no bears. no rain. no crazy stories to report. just pure bliss of doing something i have never done before.

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the husband wanted to tackle some gnarly mountain biking trails. i wanted to relax and read a book.  we found the perfect spot.  $18 for lake front real estate. despite the downpour driving to the campsite and the downpour driving home, for the too short time we were camping we were rain free.  for a few moments we even saw the sun.

we set up camp. what is it about quilts and tents that make my heart so happy.  i was a serious rock star putting up the tent. i surprised the husband with my mad camp skills.

tent is up, time to take in the view.

after a walk around, it was time to prep for camp food.  i have decided that there are no calories in camp food. you all agree, right?! for dinner i threw together a can of beans (camping requirement), a green, red, and yellow pepper, 2 shallots, and some organic chicken sausage. throw together in my le creuset dutch oven with some olive oil over some fire, major camp deliciousness.

and what is the point of camping if you don’t have marshmallows and chocolate. i would like to thank pinterest for this gluten free option to the traditional graham cracker smores. i called them banana boats of deliciousness. wrap the banana in foil, stuffed with marshmallows and chocolate, place over the fire for about 5 minutes.  man, oh man.  major yum!

we made it the through the night. there were facilities in the campground, which were a huge plus for this rookie camper.  in all honesty and because it makes me feel like a camping bad ass, i did in fact pee in the woods in front of the car, on the gravel. i woke up in the middle of the night and had. to. go. but didn’t want to walk to the bathrooms in the dark, alone, so i opted to just go.  the funny thing, i didn’t actually want to walk into the “woods” either.  so i opted for in front of the car, on the gravel.  i was startled when the husband yelled over, “what are you doing?” to which i replied, “peeing in the woods! i am a real camper!” he quickly stated, “you aren’t in the woods if i can clearly see you camper.” touche husband. i am indeed a camper.