make chalkboard on a mirror or glass. go on. do it!

for this pinterest finds friday item, i took advantage of this beautiful weather and got outside.  one of my favorite pastimes is spray painting.  yes.  i went there. it is true.  i love what a can of spray paint can do to an object.  it is quick. fun. it simply makes me happy.

i am planning my brothers baby shower and i love the idea of fun chalkboards to welcome guests.  off to find an inspiring pin …  here is what started it all.

click for source.

i immediately went searching throughout my house finding old glass frames and mirrors that i wasn’t using.  it is pretty amazing the things that are just laying around waiting for a little inspiration.  i then set out a large tarp and got to work.

i donated a dresser that my stepmother gave to us when we remodeled our master bedroom. i couldn’t part ways with its mirror.  i didn’t know why but i just couldn’t.  i loved the design and the angles.  voila! a perfect large “welcome” chalkboard for hosting parties.  next up is a mirror that a dear friend gave to me when she moved across the country.  i loved the design but until now, didn’t know what i wanted to do with it.

this was a clearance target find. originally $49.99, i found it for $6.49!  it was a mirror (i spray painted the mirror chalkboard before my “before” shot!).

a few process shots.  i found it was easier to paint the edging first, then paint the mirror or glass.  i learned this by doing the opposite above and below painting the edging first.  true story: if you tape cooking magazine pages down, you will get really hungry while painting.

oddly enough, this magazine was a womens health, which didn’t motivate me to run.  i was still hungry from the other magazines pages.

i used two types of chalkboard paint.  spray paint chalkboard and the rustoleum paint.  i liked both.  i didn’t use primer on anything and both worked great.  the only difference, the paint paint was easier to control than the spray paint.  so when working with an object like this, that can’t be taken apart, i liked to paint on the chalkboard.  for the frames where the glass could be taken out, i liked the spray paint better.  plus the spray paint is much quicker. ultimately, both worked great.

don’t get nervous when painting on the chalkboard and there are lots of streaks.  i used two coats that they all blend together.

finished smooth surface!  i love it!!

i didn’t get a before for this frame, it was just a wood frame with glass.  i love it!  distressed wood makes my heart very happy.

i looked online and found chalk paint markers.  i am not going to lie, i am now a little obsessed.  i can’t wait to show you the painted up frames for the baby shower!

remember to link over to pinterest to see what other projects are in the works.  i would love your feedback! let me know any projects you would love for me to try!



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