weigh in monday.

two pounds gone. yay! finally back on track.  paying attention to calories going in.  exercising the calories out.  i can’t express how good it feels to be active again after my back injury.  to lace up the sneakers, i don’t take the smallest acts for granted.  i literally couldn’t move.  couldn’t bend over to put on a pair of socks.  to lace up my shoes freely, go for a walk.  puts a permanent smile on my face.

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i am working hard to find a balance.  balance has always been my struggle.  when i do something, i go all in.  when i am only focusing on losing weight, i lose 100 pounds. now that i am focusing on getting pregnant, it is more difficult.  i have transitioned from the low-fat, low-calorie, chemical cocktail foods to whole-fat, more calories, whole foods.  i can push myself for two weeks until i ovulate, then i ease up because of our miscarriage history the doctors have told me what i can and can’t do.  it is a balance that i have to figure out how to succeed with.  it is a struggle.  i want both so badly.  to lose more weight. to have a healthy pregnancy.  i know they can go hand in hand.  i just have to figure out the right combination for me.

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on a completely different note, well not completely, it kills me whenever i run into someone i haven’t seen in a while and they immediately notice the weight loss.  i love those moments!  what kills me is when they ask how i did it and i tell them, there is no secret.  portion control and lots of exercise.  the look on their face.  disappointment.  disgust.  usually there is an eye roll.  then i saw this pin on pinterest and i just laughed.  i think this needs to be a shirt, i would wear it everyday.

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so thats it.  trying to find balance this week. finding peace that i am heading in the right direction.

hope you all have a great start to your week :)



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