well, hello there mumford & sons new album, babel.

no time for a lengthy post. it is a super busy week in these parts.  more pillow orders than i can wrap my head around.  book clubbing.  dinners with friends.  going away parties.  hosting a baby shower this weekend for my little brother which means lots of prepping this week for all the little details.  oh, and our master bedroom is just a few hours of work away from being completed.  i am shooting for the big reveal to be on friday.  i am so excited people.

i greeted the mailman this afternoon with a quick hello and an excited package exchange.  today is the day mumford and sons fans have been waiting for.  the new album is officially released in the us and i couldn’t be more excited.

so here is to productivity while listening to my favorites.

true story: i am seriously trying to convince the husband that a man in a vest and tie is ridiculously sexy.  hello there marcus mumford.  what do you think ladies? yes.

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