writing on a chalkboard. {pinterest finds friday}

do you guys remember the chalkboards i made a while back from old frames and mirrors?  for a quick recap, here you go! i loved how they turned out and this week i was able to put them to good use.

along with my dad and stepmom, i am planning a gender reveal baby shower for my brother and his wife.  it is their first and the families first grandchild, so needless to say, this baby is already beyond loved.  i wanted to have chalkboard signs throughout the party, because hey, i love the way they look!  so yesterday i found this pinterest find about how to design a chalkboard.  here is the inspiration:

click for source.

of course, mine did not turn out anything like the above.  but it was fun to think about the design of lettering.  i love typography and fonts.  i love good visual design.  so here are my boards.  the big one is almost finished but i was super happy with the “welcome” so far.

instead of chalk, i found chalk paint markers.  they are super easy to use and i absolutely LOVE them.  these have to be transported and i worried that chalk would wipe off entirely too easy.  for the cupcake table, i wanted a “friendly” sign that reminded people to keep away from the cupcakes until reveal time.

on a side table, as people are leaving, we are going to have cupcakes as favors for all the guests. basically, i just wanted another reason to use a chalkboard sign!

the husband has assured me that the final touches (electrical so i don’t mess around) will be completed in our bedroom this weekend. i can’t wait to share with you all my new favorite room!

have a wonderful weekend :)