2012 north carolina state fair {11 years together}

the husband and i absolutely love the state fair.  we have gone every single year since we started dating.  this was our 11th year and it was just as much fun as the first.  i love the sights, the sounds, the food, and, of course, mullet counting.

we saw daredevils on bikes while enjoying our smoked turkey leg lunch.

we promptly headed over to see the goats.  {no big surprise there!}  i was reminding the husband that our first year, we held the baby chicks and i said how i would love to have chickens one day.  well, i am now a happy chicken mama.  i then proceeded to talk about all the benefits having goats would have at our homestead.  he is still not convinced.  i, on the other hand, am completely obsessed.

our good friend david, laughing at my goat logic.

after barbeque for dinner, a shared grape slushy and chocolate/caramel apple  we all headed to the grandstand for demolition derby.  it was a complete blast!  part of the fun was the fact that i had no idea what a demolition derby was.  i just knew that if the state fair charged $9 extra per person, it must be awesome.  and it was!  i was completely fascinated and entertained.  and i kinda want to sign up.

after the demolition derby, we headed to our favorite part of the fair.  the ncsu ice cream.  delicious!

oh my beekeeping husband.  sigh.  i adore him.

and because i love making photo comparison collages, here is one from the state fair.  on the left, 2009 and on the right, this year.  i am so tremendously proud of the husband and myself.  heres to many, many more state fair’s together!


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