3 days in new york city

new york city was a whirlwind trip! i feel like it was just yesterday i was making my packing list and now the trip has already come and gone.  the husband won an award at work, along with three others in his group, for a project that they have been working on for close to 10 years.  needless to say, i am so tremendously proud of him.

as part of the award package, the winners along with a guest (yay!) were flown to new york city for three days of amazing events.  we flew up on wednesday morning, were able to grab a quick lunch and then it was quickly time to get “dolled” up for the award ceremony.  transportation, hotel, everything was taken care of.  it was wonderful to not have to think about a single detail.

the award ceremony was held at the liberty science museum.  an entire museum to ourselves, i snuck away from the cocktail party to play a little.

we were so thankful that our good friends, jamal (also award winner!) and his wife, mae were on the trip.  many great memories were made!

when we were filling out our reservation information weeks before the trip, we noted that i had a food allergy.  when we arrived to the dinner, our waiter had noted that i had celiac disease and was very thoughtful with the menu and my options.  i am always so nervous at big events because i never know if i will be able to eat safely.  it was such a huge relief and i was tremendously thankful. below is the husband and the team he is apart of.  i adore each of his team members and enjoyed getting to know them better on this trip.

on thursday we had until 4pm to take in new york city.  the husband has only been once (on business and just for the evening) so i tried to fit in “quintessential” new york. first up, he had to experience the subway system.  everything from the not so pleasant smells to the amazing musicians.  the subway in new york is like no other.

we took the subway to the 9/11 memorial.  finding the visitor passes, waiting in line after line, security checks similar to the airport did not sway us from taking in all the memorial stands for.  it was stunning.  heartbreaking.  beautiful.  it is still under lots of construction but when it is finished, it will be breathtaking.

we then headed back to the theatre district and hit up grand central station.  i had never been in all the times i have visited.  we hit up a true nyc deli that offered gluten free bread.

then, of course, no trip to nyc would be complete without a trip to shake shack.  we just got shakes and boy, the did not disappoint.

the husband’s company took everyone out to the broadway musical, nice work if you can get it.  it starred matthew broderick and several other amazing tony award winners.  there is simply nothing like a broadway play, on broadway.  the husband even mentioned afterwards that he can now see why people fly up for one night to catch a play and this would be something cool to do.  yes husband, i am putting that is writing and holding you to that!

after the play we waited outside to get autographs and pictures with the cast.  amazing!

our final morning we slept late and then hit up times square.  we stayed at the w times square so it was a quick elevator down from our 44th floor room to be right at the sights and sounds of times square.

it was a quick trip but was packed full of amazing memories with friends and with my love.

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