bedroom closet makeover complete.

when i started the master bedroom renovation i didn’t even think about the closet.  looking back, we spent more time on the closet than we did in the bedroom!  we first thought, hey, let’s clear out clothes that don’t fit.  that was all we were planning on doing and then we realized that our back wall brackets were not even attached to the wall!  by some balancing act that defied physics our clothes had not crashed to the ground.  we quickly regrouped and realized that we needed to install a new system.  starting from scratch was fun, we were able to design a plan that worked best for our needs.  the further along we went, the more we realized that our existing closet was simply horribly installed and designed.

this is the closet we started with.  this is after i had removed much of my clothes and boxes on the top shelves.

we decided on the rubbermaid home free closet system.  it wasn’t crazy expensive and had tons of custom options so we could design for our specific needs.  (i.e. a very tall husband and short wife!)  plus, their website has a great “design your closet online” tool that was super handy.

all in! it is amazing how the same closet that felt entirely too small and there was never enough space suddenly has all this extra room!  a top shelf that has almost nothing on it.  a couple other shelves here and there with nothing.  plenty of space to hang up those clothes, it is like we doubled our space.  i sincerely love my closet now.

instead of my scarves hanging on the back of doors throughout the house, they now have a happy home.  i used a belt rack that pulls out for my necklaces on one side and belts on the other.

we never had space for hangers that were not being used.  it would drive me crazy when doing laundry!  now, we have a bar for shirt hangers and a separate bar for pant hangers.  yay! organization!!

shelving to take advantage of corner space.  before, the back wall was bare and we actually brought in a dresser to store our folded shirts and things.  now, we added shelving on the back wall and are now able to utilize the corners.  husband goods on the top and wifey clothes on the bottom.

one of my favorite attachments is the pull out canvas bin.  inside i put my handbags.  before they were in a basket thrown on the floor, ahhh.  so easy to get to.

i do believe my favorite part is my scarf wall.  it makes me happy.

there was also space for a couple shoe shelves.  we have a separate closet in the bedroom that i had designated our “shoe closet” but it was also poorly organized.  the husbands shoes were piled on the top shelf and mine were stuffed all over the place.  the husband moved all his shoes to the closet, along with my sneakers. every shoe now has a happy home.

and my shoe closet is a breath of organized, fresh air.  now i have room to hang coats that are overwhelming our “coat tree” in our foyer.

it is amazing how “i really hate our bedroom wall color” can have the ripple effect to completely change our space.  we are so thrilled with more organization and, what feels like, more clean and open space.  the master bathroom is up next and will be quite the overhaul.  but we have the motivation and inspiration knowing how much a happy space can impact the rest of our lives.