gender reveal party! it’s a girl!

my brother and his wife are expecting their first child early next year. my dad, stepmom and myself wanted to get ahead of the baby shower shuffle and throw a baby shower early with the gender reveal theme.  for the past month, i have been working on all the details, from ordering etsy goodness to food planning to doing as much homemade as i could.  it was definitely a labor of love.  i am so tremendously happy for my little brother and i absolutely can not wait to meet my NEICE! that is right, they are having a baby girl.

we welcomed guests with the chalkboard sign that i made from a dresser mirror.

my very talented neighbor made the amazingly delicious gender reveal cupcakes.  inside the cupcakes were the PINK frosting.  since we were not immediately doing the “reveal” i wanted to make a friendly sign to make sure guests stayed away.  i.e. my grandmother!  basically, this sign was just for her.

more sweet treats.  this was simple and easy to do. color the hershey’s wrapper with the theme colors, pink and blue.

i was nervous at first of ordering sugar cookies online but i found a great person from etsy.  she had amazing reviews and these were a HUGE hit!

instead of having an organized “game,” i opted for various activities our guests could participate with.  when the mom-to-be was opening gifts, i had these “wishes for baby” sitting on a table.  i found the template online but added some more personal questions like, ‘i hope you get your mom’s …. and i hope you get your dad’s …”

another activity was a “tally your vote” board and a “name suggestion” cork board.  the names quickly went to silly, such as honey boo-boo for the pink (girl) slips of paper and sugar bear for the blue (boy) suggestions to derek jeter. both mom and dad are huge yankee fans. don’t worry little niece, i will be sure you know to love and respect the red sox.

as a thank you favor, i found individual cupcake boxes on etsy and we had these sitting at the front door.  we had “boy” and “girl” buttons and this was a great way to remind guests to give their buttons back (i mean, surely this isn’t the only gender reveal party we will be hosting!) before taking a cupcake to go.

me with the mom and dad to be.  i can’t wait to become an aunt to this little girl and watch these two become simply, mom and dad.

team pink!

team blue!

3-2-1 go! team blue on one side and team pink on the other.  my husband took a video and i can’t wait to edit it down to a little “movie” for everyone.  it was such a great moment!

my little niece will be named addison and called “addie” for short.  addie, i can’t wait to meet you and spoil you completely.  you will be entering into a crazy family, full of drama and even more laughter.  you will be so tremendously loved. in fact, you already are.



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sugar cookies:

cupcake individual boxes for favors:

“boy” and “girl” buttons:

“bows” and “mustache” cupcake decoration:

cupcakes: Angela Romanski-Riccio (let me know if you would like her contact information)



Adorable! I love all the sweet little details :) I'm so excited to have found your blog, I've been a fb fan of your etsy shop for awhile and adore everything