this weekend was full.  full of sunshine.  full of productively   full of quality time with the husband.

i made my way through approximately 40 pounds of my 60 pounds of apples.  {post to follow}  the chickens are big fans of when this chicken mama is cooking up a storm.  lots of apple peels equal a very happy flock.

we are beyond thrilled to see our ethel, cosby, and blanche molting.  finally!  molting is when the hens stop laying eggs, lose their old feathers and grow in new ones.  our ladies were looking super rough from the damage our rooster left so we were counting down the days when molting would occur.  it is great to see new feathers growing in and we can wait to have our ladies looking beautiful and healthy again.  until then, they look a bit funny.  apparently chickens going through molt is pretty painful, i didn’t ask my ladies but it definitely doesn’t look comfortable.  so extra yogurt and apple peels it is.

in our continued efforts of homesteading, we found approximately 12 tons of hardwood {mostly oak} on craigslist for a great deal.  this weekend we had the logs delivered.  this should be enough wood to keep us warm for the next few YEARS.

we also found time to go on a run together in the neighborhood.  it is frustrating for me because i can’t run as far as i could before my injury.  it still hurts a bit running up hills.  i am just frustrated in general.  but it is good and healthy to keep moving.  i just have to keep moving forward.  the best part of going for a run, is hammock time afterwards.  especially when i am in the company of this guy.

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