craft room {organization} and the us weekly feature.

kelsi creates has a new space.  when i first created my business, i really had no idea what i was doing.  i have never taken a sewing class.  i taught myself the ways of my sewing machine.  i know nothing about fabrics.  i just have my gut.  my instincts.  and a passion for creating something with my hands.  i started in 2010 with more items than i can even remember.  just throwing any and everything i could make in my little shop.  my first christmas, i had eight orders.  i thought i was the shit.  seriously.  i proudly wrote my orders on my chalkboard wall.  i don’t think i erased them until march.  (which also tells you the orders were not rolling in at that time.)

i quickly realized i needed to focus my products.  what did i love to make.  what did i dread.  if i didn’t enjoy making it, then i didn’t.  i also thought about what was one thing that every single home most likely has.  my answer, pillows.  pillows are relatively quick to make.  required little sewing expertise.  and i could utilize my obsession with fabrics.  i love personalization and thought, i need to create something that you can’t buy at target.  the idea that someone can customize their order from start to finish appealed to me and i quickly learned, to others.

my first applique pillow was the initial pillow.  pretty simple, two initials.  i traced the initials and hand cut the letters.  i did this for all of 2011.  slowly the orders started consistently coming in.  then for christmas, the husband convinced me to upgrade to a silhouette cameo fabric cutter.  by removing all hand cutting i could now use any fonts and design my own appliques.  the possibilities became infinite.  my shop has grown 374% this year and the holiday orders are just starting to roll in.

the week of thanksgiving my little etsy shop is going to be featured in us weekly.  {us weekly}  my mind is blown.  the idea that my little idea to do something to pass the time until i got pregnant.  the idea that i never really thought would go anywhere.  the idea no one (aside from my amazingly, ridiculously supportive husband) really took seriously.  is going to print.  in a national magazine that has 3 million subscribers.  3 million hands will be flipping through the pages and come across the holiday gift guide and find my pillow.  my shop.

needless to say, we have been working diligently to try to prepare.  the editor told me to prepare for anything from 500 to 10,000 orders.  {mind is officially now blown!}  ordering shipping supplies.  ordering fabrics in bulk.  business cards updated.  clearing my social life calendar.  and moving into a larger work space.  because at the end of the day, even if i just get 100 orders.  or 20.  the ball is rolling.  i am not going back to the days of eight orders during peak season written on a chalkboard.  honestly, those days have been over for a while now.  but the point, my business is just that.  a business that is growing.  and i couldn’t be more proud.

so back to my space.  we didn’t want to spend any money and wanted to utilize the existing furniture to the best of our ability.  the husbands office is one of the largest rooms in the house.  we separated it into half a guest bedroom with bookshelves, an armoir, and a queen bed.  the other side was his office furniture.  office furniture that is really nice {craigslist find} but he never really loved due to his height and its, lack thereof.  my craft room is one of the smallest rooms.  it didn’t have doors and is right at the base of the stairs.  late night sewing was not an option because the noise carried right to the bedroom.  so switch we did.

we now have a new guest room upstairs. hopefully, pet sitter bonnie approved.


a reminder of my old craft room.

and now my new space.  plenty of room to have the husband to offer help.  or others depending on what kind of orders come in at thanksgiving.  plenty of space to grow.

a cozy corner for late nights.  or like last night, the husband working away on his computer while i am sewing away at my desk.  i am also pretty sure, sam has already found his way on this bed as well.

fabric and shipping supplies wall.

my home for the next couple of months.

i am looking forward to sharing my new ironing table.  it is currently in construction {yay! for handy husbands!} and i am beyond excited.  yes.  excited about an ironing board.

off to my new kelsi creates space.  i am a lucky lady.

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