mitt romney {the best of halloween 2012}

we don’t get any trick or treaters out where we live. this year our good friends, nancy and paul, graciously invited us over to their bustling neighborhood for halloween.  their adorable pup baxter dressed up for the occasion.

after a delicious dinner we piled on the front porch with hot apple cider to hand out to the neighborhood kids.

the costume of the night, hands down when to this little guy.  he was dressed as mitt romney and, well, lets just say i don’t think he was a huge supporter.

when he walked away he yelled, “don’t vote for me.  seriously, don’t.”  i absolutely adore carrboro kids.

on a slightly different note:  our vet was having a costume contest for all the cats and pups.  our pups are entirely too big for costumes but i put together the collage below of our sweet martha stewart.  yep, every year {every day actually} she attempts to be a polar bear.  so from our house to yours, i hope you all had a wonderful halloween.

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