our little chicken whisperer

we love our neighborhood.  we adore our neighbors.  i had always dreamed of living in a community where we actually “know” our neighbors.  know their names.  know their hobbies.  have dinners.  share holiday recipes.  need an egg or a cup of sugar, it is just a phone call away.  over the summer our love of neighbors grew when a new family moved in. they have a sweet little girl that loves all animals.  she would first come over to give our {desperately wants to be outside} inside cat milo attention.  oh, milo just loves maya.  now, she has become our chicken whisperer.

maya heads over a couple days a week after school and helps with the chicken chores.  and by helps, she does it all.  carries the rake.  carries the treats.  this little independent lover of animals wants to learn how and do it all.  she is such a joy.

i didn’t realize how much of an age gap there was when telling maya our hens names.  to recap, we have blanche {rose and dorothy are no longer with us :( }, lucy and ethel, cosby, stevie nicks, tina turner, and dolly parton.  maya did not seem impressed by my names.  in fact, she said, “ethel? that is a funny name.”  i told her ethel and lucy are from my favorite television show i love lucy.  she had never heard of it.  i told her it was about lucy and ethel, neighbors.  maya asked, “well what did they do on the show?”  oh maya, lots of mischief.  i feel like maya’s mother and i need to have an i love lucy indoctrination.

i can only hope that our kids will have the same love and inquisitive mind for animals that little maya has.

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