{us weekly} feature!

i should go ahead and apologize to my regular readers.  between now and december 15th (last day to ship for christmas delivery) i will be pretty absent from this space.

last week my etsy shop, kelsi creates, was featured in the us weekly holiday gift guide!  to see my shop in print has been one of the highlights of my life.  to see something that i created published is amazing.  since then, the orders have been flying in.  it is such an exciting time!  overwhelming.  but tremendously exciting.

so this has been my world for the last week …

the husband and i walked the greensboro gobbler 5k with my dad and stepmom on thanksgiving.

while i was showering, the husband snuck away to find an open store with the magazine on the shelf.  it is the one with will & kate, dated dec. 3rd.  he surprised us with several copies!  i am beyond thrilled.

since then, it has been emails and orders and emails.  lots and lots of emails.

the husband is my “logistics manager” i.e. he takes completed orders to the post office that is right down the road from his office.  needless to say, he has become quick friends with the postal employees at that branch.

with most orders having more than one pillow, it is hard to keep track of the number of orders versus the actual number of pillows needed to be made.  one order was for 11 pillows!  insanity.  another order was for a home that is getting ready to be photographed in the architecture digest magazine.  at some point, someone should pinch me.  it just feels so surreal.  it is truly amazing.

so this is my blessed life for the next couple of weeks.  the cut off date for orders to be delivered by christmas is december 3rd, so if you are interested, yes there is still time to get your holiday order in.  emails, pillows, gym, sleep.  thankful that i have these guys to keep me company.


Hi Kelsi! ~ It's wonderful to have a famous person in the neighborhood.  Your creations are beautiful!  


Kelsi!  This is just simply amazing and I am so happy that your little side business is really taking off!  At least I can always say I knew her before she was famous! :)  Congrats on this accomplishment... hope you keep doing well, and if you ever need a business partner, I'm very crafty!