weigh in monday {holiday edition}

i have been struggling with the balancing act of trying to get pregnant and losing weight.  i have been tremendously frustrated in both aspects.  we are not pregnant and i have not lost any weight.  in fact, i have gained 11 pounds since the last {weigh in monday}.  the doctors have me on drinking full fat milk.  eating full fat yogurt.  for the luteal (days post ovulation) phase, no exercise that i can’t hold a sentence when talking to someone.  for the past couple of months it has a been a yo-yo of frustrations. day 1, i am emotional because the last cycle didn’t work.  day 5, i have pulled myself together and somehow am optimistic.  i exercise.  i eat great.  ovulation day and the ones following, i don’t exercise.  i gain whatever few pounds i had lost. i take progesterone supplements that are not pleasant.  i will leave the details out, you are welcome.  then day 14 past ovulation, i test, it comes back negative.  i start the cycle all over again.

two cycles ago, we had another chemical miscarriage.  good news, things are connecting and we are able to get pregnant.  bad news, there is no medical reason why our fertilized egg won’t stick around for long.  we keep trying.  what this taught me, that i have got to reach my goal in weight loss.  i have no control over whether or not we have a successful pregnancy.  i do have complete control over my weight.  i am choosing to put my weight as a priority and fertility on the back burner for the next two months.  i desperately want and need (for my emotional sanity more than anything else) to get out of the 200′s.  that is my goal.  to go into 2013 in the 100′s.  then in january, if no pregnancy still is the case, we will head into some more aggressive fertility treatments as well as taking foster care/adoption class to work towards licensing to adopt.

it feels good to have a goal.  it feels good to have a plan.  the husband and i are both on board. so i signed up for a holiday fit camp at the gym.  2 hours, 3 times a week we meet.  i have a personalized workout plan.  it balances working my ass off {both weights and cardio} until i ovulate, then taking it down a notch.  my trainer gave me workouts that will strengthen my back and core muscles while taking into consideration my significant back injury.  yay! for personalized plans.  for 30 mins of the 2 hours, we have a class.  nutrition, wellness coaching, food tastings, etc.  i am one week in and love it.  the best part, {well there are many great parts} is that with my magazine feature coming out this week, i know i am going to be tremendously busy.  this commitment will force me to get out of my craft room and for two hours put me and my health first.

my first week weigh in, 8 pounds! 8 pounds lost since last monday.  the first week is always the best week.  my body loves to be pushed into new activity.  i went back to healthy eating habits that i used to lose weight all last year.  not eating past 8pm.  drinking lots of water.  green smoothies.  making breakfast my biggest meal, calorie wise, of the day.  {oatmeal or cereal, yogurt, fruit, and maybe a smoothie}

my biggest challenge this upcoming week, THANKSGIVING! not just one meal, but three!  my goal is to hold steady.  secretly, i would love to lose just one pound.  one pound during the most difficult week of the year would be amazing.  we will see.

tomorrow evening we are hosting 26 friends and family to our home for a thanksgiving feast.  i am beyond excited.  then thursday, we are headed to my dad’s.  we are all walking in a 5k in the morning then enjoying the gluten free feast they have prepared.  then friday, we are heading to the husband’s family to enjoy another thanksgiving lunch.  we have so much to be thankful for.

i found this and it made me laugh.  it made me think of the gluten-free and nut-free thanksgiving we are hosting.  oh those food allergies!

i will post a lot of our recipes later in the week.

and be sure to look for the us weekly magazine out tomorrow or wednesday {depending on where you live} to see my kelsi creates feature.

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I can't wait to get the magazine! I love that cartoon, too. Yay for weight loss and new goals.