{why i love} old red barn co.

one of the very first blogs i subscribed to was old red barn co.. dana and her family captured my heart.  through comments expressing my love of her amazingly, beautiful quilts and my copious amounts of laughter from the videos she posts of locking car doors and demanding family members dance in order to be allowed back inside, we became blog friends.  i feel 100% confident, we would be great friends if we lived closer.

a while back dana mentioned that she was loving my state pillows and the idea of a swap of goods quickly happened.  best. swap. ever. you see not only is dana a blogger but she also is a goat milk soap maker.  i have ordered before from her shop old red barn co. for christmas gifts and remember how sad i was that i didn’t keep any of her goods for myself.  needless to say, i was beyond thrilled at the prospect to have my own handmade soaps and scrubs.

i sent off a north carolina state pillow and today i received my box of goodies.

lavender vanilla and lemongrass & sage body scrubs.  peppermint creme, cinnamon apple peach, lemongrass & sage, and man soap bars of soap.  all handcrafted cold-pressed goat milk soap.  did i mention this was an amazing swap?!  internet friendships for the win.  now the only question, which to use first?!

true story, the man soap smells amazing.  what time is my husband getting home ;)

head over to dana’s blog for some good reading and check out her soap shop.  christmas is right around the corner and these make fabulous gifts, just don’t make my mistake and remember to include some for yourself when you order!

thank you so much dana!