#26acts of kindness

we all remember that moment in december when we first learned of another school shooting.  i remember distinctly the feeling more than anything else when i learned the ages of these precious lives lost.  this isn’t a post about gun debates or mental health.  although i do have plenty of opinions about both.  this is about a movement started in december that resonated with me.

act1: because of my etsy shop, i interact with people all over the world every day.  what i know, everyone has a story.  and a lot of times through the personalization process of designing a quilt or pillow, stories are shared.  the other night, i was having a grand ‘ole pity party with my empty uterus.  thinking life could not be more difficult {disclaimer, i know this is not true. but everyone is allowed a pity party every now and again.} i received an email from someone wanting to buy a quilt for her niece.  her newborn niece has been in the hospital almost every day of her life and was gearing up for her fourth surgery.  the aunt wanted something “personal” since everything at the hospital was so, well hospital like.  my heart immediately broke.  i quickly snapped out of my own personal pity party.  i thought about my soon to be niece and how tremendously grateful i am that she is healthy.  i thought this would be a wonderful kick off to my acts of kindness movement.  so i took this strangers order details and then sent her an invoice for no charge.

yesterday, i mailed off a personalize quilt for little makayla.

here is the thing about doing small acts of kindness, they warm my heart more than the recipient.  in this world filled with “what about me” moments, it is so rejuvenating to do for others.  the husband and i joining forces.  i am looking forward to the kindness we can put into our community this year.

conscious acts of kindness to remember our humanity.  to never forget the lives lost.  to show love over anger.  to spread kindness.  will you join the movement?


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