breakfast with a book

why is it so difficult to make breakfast in the morning?  i wake up, hungry, and desperately want to start my day off with healthy decisions, but that box of cereal just looks so easy.  damn you gluten-free honey nut chex.  since tracking my food, i have noticed a trend.  when i eat a really small breakfast, i end up having a SUPER hard time staying within my calorie per day allotment.  when i eat a big breakfast, the rest of the day doesn’t seem that difficult.  this was my morning pep talk to myself today.

so i peeled a carrot.  washed and cut up an apple and an orange.  i whipped up a super green smoothie with both veggies and fruit.  {the vegs will keep me fuller, longer}  i took some photos because the newness of the light box is still there.  i sat down to a healthy, good for me 343 calorie breakfast.

here is a great beginner green smoothie {meaning, all you taste with sweet fruit}

1 cup grapes {recipe called for green, i only had red on hand}

1 medium orange, peeled & halved

1/2 cup fresh pineapple chunks {i used frozen}

1 frozen banana

1 carrot, peeled and halved

2 cups fresh spinach

1 medium apple, quartered & seeded

i am trying different yogurts.  there are not a whole lot of options for full fat or at the least, 2% milk yogurts.  i really like the atlanta fresh co. but they are a bit expensive to eat every day.  i am kinda loving this dreaming cow.  it isn’t greek yogurt {for those of you that can’t stand the greek stuff} and has interesting flavors.  my favorite so far is the maple ginger.  at 141 calories and 5g of healthy dairy fat, i feel good about making this choice.

i am so excited to have met with my book club last night!  we set out books for the next 6 months and i am super excited about our list.  first up, gone girl by gillian flynn.


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thanks to the kindle, i was able to start this morning with my smoothie breakfast in hand.

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