doily lace clay bowl {pinterest finds friday}

i have seen this “pin” over and over again.  each time desperately wanting to gather the supplies and try my hand.  this week was finally the week.  here is the original “pin” … not in english but i got enough of the gist from the photograph.

click for source.

i started with the original sculpey {ordered from amazon}.  after softening the clay by working it in my hands, i rolled it out to about 1/4″ thickness.  then applied the doily with the rolling pin.

i then found a small bowl to place on top and cut a perfect circle from the clay.

then using an oven safe larger bowl, i placed my circle inside and softened the edges with my fingers.  i learned this from pottery classes.  sharp edges don’t seem that sharp until baked so it is important to make sure edges are rounded.

following the sculpey instructions, i baked these two for 15 mins at 275 degrees.  then i removed them from the bowl and placed on a drying rack.

i made four bowls but one cracked.  i believe i tried to remove it from the oven bowl too quickly.  next time i will let them sit in the bowl a bit longer to cool, then remove them.  i painted two for fun.  then the third i painted with modge podge to seal it and give it shine.

overall this was a fun little craft.  i have lots more clay so i feel there will be more bowls to be made for gifts.  i would love to find some typography stamps and personalize them.  super fun and inexpensive way to spend an hour crafting.