learning to letterpress

this weekend was jam packed and absolutely flew by!  saturday that husband and i drove to my hometown.  while i celebrated my sister-in-law and my almost-here-niece, little addison grace, the husband found a bog garden waterfall.  after the baby shower, we then had dinner with my dad and stepmom.  just one of the many perks of going “home.”  here i am with the wonderful mom to be and fellow aunt!  nicole and i are going to spoil this little girl rotten :)

our sunday was my “christmas present” day.  the husband had a surprise christmas present and sunday was the day.  my gift, learning how to letterpress.  through my pillow business, i have found that i LOVE typography.  fonts, letters, the design of it amazes me.  i can look at fonts and doodle my own all day.  the crispness of letters on paper thrills me.  i know.  sounds weird.  but once i met my instructor, i knew i was in the right place.  the history of letterpress.  the techniques.  the art of it all.  i am smitten.

i had to bring a quote.  any guesses which one i picked?  if you know me well, you will not be surprised at the end of this post.

one on one instruction from a true historian and artist.  i didn’t want to leave.

one of his many letterpresses.  this one is an absolutely work of art.  there are only 3 in america.  did you know they don’t make letterpresses anymore?  talk about a lost art and yet, it is so popular.  i was so fascinated to learn every little detail.

after we inked the rollers {above} the husband and i headed to lunch.

right around from the studio was the studio where they design and paint the “cows” all around town.  obviously, the bee themed cow was our favorite.

after lunch, the real fun began.  this is me running the machine for the first time.  oh man, talk about nerves and adrenaline.

my first print.

i haven’t photographed the final product.  i will photograph and post tomorrow.  i added a little artwork and through the process learned the true magic of letterpress.  brian and i designed the artwork to look one way, but the letterpress had other ideas.

needless to say, this was such an amazing christmas gift.  i really push my husband to come up with gifts that are not the traditional, necklace or jewelry in general.  to really think out of the box.  i am so incredibly touched and grateful to have such a thoughtful and creative thinking partner.  often times i think, i am 31 years old, too old to spend time and money on learning new things.  but he supports me and my creative side, i am so very lucky.

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