molting, complete.

the molting process is complete in these parts, in more ways than one.  yesterday was a molting process for me emotionally.  i wrote this on facebook but wanted to share here.  i have the most amazing blog readers.  i know it isn’t easy to read.  trust me, it isn’t easy to write.  but this is my truth.  it is raw.  it is sometimes painful.  it is sometimes funny.  almost always sassy.  it is real.  i appreciate this space and being able to fall into my words.  i know you all are here to catch me with your love and support.  and i thank you.

yesterday i had been planning a chicken post.  so that is todays topic instead of wordless wednesday.  we have exciting news in our coop.  our ladies have completed their first molt and are slowly starting to lay eggs again.  chickens typically will go through “molt” once a year.  they will lose all their feathers and grown new ones.  during this process, all their energy is spent growing new feathers and they stop laying.  we are now getting 2-3 eggs per day and my ladies look great.

here are my ladies before the molt.

our rooster did a number on the original ladies.  then after he left us, the new three hens had it kinda rough.  new pecking order competition was hard.  little dolly parton looked the worst.  here is the pitiful little thing with just a couple tail feathers.

and now, beautiful feathers for my girls.

{i couldn’t resist a sneaky photo of my wood chopping husband.}

a flock of seven healthy and happy hens.  i am a happy chicken mama.

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