weigh in monday {new in home gym!}

this week i lost another pound.  just one.  i am kinda disappointed but not terribly surprised.  this is the stage in my “cycle” that i can’t push myself like i can the first two weeks prior to ovulation.  yes.  everything revolves around the fertility calendar these days.  so i will happily take my pound lost, continue biking every morning at a low speed/incline and burn my calories {in twice the time}.

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i realized this morning that i hadn’t talked about our new fitness equipment in detail.  this may have been the best decision we made in 2012.  we had a frank conversation with each other about fitness enjoyment.  the husband hates going to the gym.  he would much rather be outdoors biking on trails, chopping wood, hiking.  you name, he would rather be do that than inside on a treadmill.  we both have a gym membership because i typically prefer the gym in all the above instances.  and, being the supportive husband that he is, he wanted to support me.  so we talked about what we enjoyed at the gym and how we could implement that at home.  we love the rowing machine.  at the gym there are two right beside each other and we would “race” each other.  seriously.  it was never a real race because i am 5’2″ and he is 6’4″.  but we would push each other and it was a great workout.  lately, i have enjoyed cycling at the gym.  this is music to my bike loving husbands ears.

we decided to take the plunge and by a rower and a bike.  our inspiration came from our good friends that cycle while watching television each night.

for the rower, we went with what we knew from the gym.  the concept 2.  we were able to order from amazon and because of our prime membership, not pay shipping.  the computer allows you to hook up to your wireless and race {live} with other rowers online.  you can also race against your previous times stored.  the rower is great because it is cardio and strength training in one.  it is a full body workout and get me sweating like no other.

for the bike, we went with this schwinn.  in the indoor bike world there are SO MANY to chose from.  because the husband loves outdoor biking {and i feel i will too} we wanted an indoor bike the mimicked and outdoor bike.  so unlike the indoor cyclers at the gym, this one has a chain.  it has a pretty smart computer that shows calories burned and watts used {along with other numbers that i haven’t learned too much about yet}.  what i love most, is that everything from the seat {up/down, forward/back} and handle bars is completely adjustable so both the husband and i can find the perfect fit.

i love the set up.  i have enjoyed watching the morning news while burning some morning calories and hoping on in the evenings for a show.  tuesday mornings i have been watching the bachelor {from the night before} with no guilt.  a couple people have asked what equipment i would suggest and the honest answer is the equipment that you will use.  we had an elliptical before and never used it.  we didn’t spend a whole lot of money on it and i just didn’t like it.  not compared to the ones at the gym.  so my best advice is to save money and buy the best equipment you can because it really does make a difference.

this past weekend, saturday morning the husband and i went for a walk. then sunday morning we didn’t have as much time so i biked while he rowed.  on our way to lunch with friends, he stated that we are different people.  exercising and out of the house by 10:30 on a sunday morning.  i have to admit, it feels good to be these people.

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