32 is a lovely number.

tomorrow i turn 32.  this might be the first year that i felt how quickly the years seem to be going by.  it reminds how much i want to do.  how much i want to see.  how much i want to experience.

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so much of my time is spent thinking about all the things that could go wrong.  my goal for year 32, focus on what could go right.  just yesterday i learned terrible, heartbreaking news from my dear friend.  then an hour later, i heard amazing, shout happiness from the roof top news from another close friend.  lesson is this.  shit happens.  it happens to good people that deserve nothing but great things.  but you know what else, wonderful things happen.  there is a lot of good.  i need to put my focus into knowing that good things can happen too.

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i love lists.  a birthday is a great time to make a goal list.  my project for this year, 32 hikes.  i have never been one to enjoy a stroll in the woods.  i always thought it was because i didn’t like the woods.  turns out, i didn’t like hiking in the woods because i was 300 pounds.  now that i have lost 100 pounds of that weight, i am kinda enjoying walking hand in hand with my husband.  seeing new sights and experiencing adventures.  it is refreshing to learn new things about yourself at 31.  i can’t wait to see what i will learn during year 32.

hike #1/32, cox mountain trail in the eno river state park.  3.7 miles of strenuous hiking.  i feel like we are going to hit up several of the eno river trails.  i LOVE the river.  suspension bridge, not so much.

the first part of the trail is beyond strenuous.  two hills that will kick your ass.  well, kick mine.  i did push myself and sprint up the last few yards.  and by sprint, i mean running as fast as i could but if you were an observer you might not know i was “running.”  did i mention they were steep?!  but once at the top, the rest of the trail is smooth.  enjoyable.  quiet.  serene.

we packed our lunch and found a good spot to picnic.  as we were walking we saw boulders in the middle of the river.  with our new waterproof hiking boots we felt no fear for going for it.  it was worth it.  {and no wet socks to report}

hike #1/32 is in the books.  if you have any favorite hikes please share!

great side note: hiking is a great workout.  i burned a little over 1000 calories on sunday during our two hour hiking/exploring trails.  my weigh in yesterday was two pounds lost.  yay!  i was thrilled to pull the 2 pounds after my 4 pound loss the week prior.  now starts our two week cycle were i can’t push as hard so i really have to focus on calories and maintaining.  i have to say, i am really proud of myself for sticking with exercise and logging minutes each day.  i feel stronger.  i feel good about myself.

i am looking forward to the year ahead.

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Happy Birthday! If you are ever in the southeast Guilford County area, Hagan Stone Park has some easy and long trails. And, if you are willing to make the journey, Morrow Mountain State Park has some good trails, with bald eagles. I enjoy your blog and would love a new hiking buddy too.


Yay! What a great post. Happy Birthday, by the way! Maybe we can plan a hike together this year. We love going to Umstead, too.