welcome to the world {my amazing niece}

y’all i am in love.  completely smitten with this little girl that is 6 days old today.  the day this little girl made her presence known, pure joy was the only emotion i can put into words.  she squeezed my finger and i fell in love.

i spent the day with my brother, his wife and their newborn.  i loved every single minute.  i smiled the entire drive home just thinking of their amazing little girl.  how much i can’t wait to see her grow and become her own.

of course, i brought my camera.  i couldn’t resist my first attempt at a little newborn photography.

one of my favorite moments from yesterday was watching the transformation of my brother and his wife.  it was a joy to witness.  they are truly the most adorable new parents. from which blanket is best for a walk to hat on or off for photos.  it was all so sweet.

i am already looking forward to our next afternoon together.


This brings tears to my eyes! What a lucky little nugget she is to have you in her life. xoxoxo