{2 years}

march 8, 2011 was the day we were due to bring our daughter into this world.  we lost her many months before.  i imagine my life if we had an almost two year old running around.  i would be busy planning a birthday party.  cupcakes.  decorations from my pinterest boards.  she would have a head full of dark brown hair like me and the brightest blue eyes like her daddy.  she would be full of spunk.  she would love to chase the chickens.  martha stewart would be her best friend.

none of these things will happen.  not for her at least.  we hope beyond hope our day will soon come when we can look down into the eyes of our child.

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this is what i know when i feel the darkness of this pain.  i force myself to get up.  i force myself to put one foot before the other.  i allow myself to feel every emotion.  there is no way around.  i just have to go through it.  i fight. i cry. i yell. i curse. a lot. then go about the business of living.  because i am still here.  this loss does not define me.  there is no other way.  this is my pain.  this is my story.  i am a different person because of her.  i think better.

friday, march 8th, 2013, is a big day for us.  we are hoping our daughter is looking down and sending us a little luck.

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That's touching. Where's the quote on the card from? I like it a lot.

oursimplehappylife moderator

 @jetweedy Thank you Jonathan.  I found the first quote on a tumblr and the second on pinterest.  I really, really liked the first quote.  If you find the original source, please share!