{it has been a while} weekly menu

i can’t remember the last time i made and posted a weekly menu.  dinners have consisted of a lot of our freezer meals that i made a while back and green smoothies with yogurt.  we eat so. much. yogurt it is a little embarrassing when we are at the grocery.  i want to have a bit more structure and thought it was a good habit to get back into.


breakfast: greek goddess {it’s amazing and worth the calories!} honey yogurt. udi’s gluten free granola. + pineapple, banana, orange green smoothie.

lunch: udi’s gluten free individual frozen pizza. they are for reals yummy and have reasonable calories and sodium levels.

dinner:  {i am clearly in the mood for pizza} homemade pizza.  i buy the “against the grain” gluten free crust in the frozen section.  tonight i will top with homemade pesto from our garden, fresh tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese.


breakfast: yogurt and granola.

lunch:  “elvis” green smoothie.  overnight oats.

dinner:  grocery shopping dinner date night out. probably mediterranean, if i know my husband.


breakfast: yogurt and granola.

lunch:  out and about.

dinner: soccer night so the husband eats out and i at home.  i will probably go with overnight oats since i am eating out for lunch.


breakfast:  green smoothie = frozen blueberries, frozen banana, fresh orange and spinach.

lunch:  udi’s gluten free individual frozen pizza. {my hump day splurge}

dinner:  taco salad night.  fresh romaine lettuce with all the fixin’s: ground turkey, corn, black beans, sautéed red peppers and onions with salsa as the “dressing.”


breakfast:  yogurt and granola.

lunch:  leftover taco salad.

dinner:  blueberry chia pancakes.


breakfast:  green smoothie. yogurt and granola.

lunch: overnight oats.

dinner: healthy sausage and egg sandwich. yogurt and fruit.


breakfast: yogurt and granola.

lunch: out and about.

dinner:  {potbelly copycat salad} romaine lettuce, red grapes, grilled/roasted chicken breast, walnuts, sliced apples, dried cranberries.


what will y’all be eating this week?