catching up with life.

it is april 22nd! the last time i blogged was in february.  crazy.  i don’t have a good reason for leaving this space so empty.  i think i just simply wanted some privacy.  i was tired of having the same conversations with friends that went something like this, me: let me tell you about this.  friend: oh, i read your blog/follow you on facebook, i already know about that.  then the rest of the conversation is just hard.  i just wanted a break.  so i took it.  i missed it a little but not as much as i thought i would.  now, to find a balance between leaving a little to the imagination while sharing my story.

here is a glimpse into what has been going on in these parts.

spending as much time as i can with this little one.  i absolutely love being an aunt.  every picture of little addie just brings such a smile to my heart.  i just adore her.

the weather has been amazing. cool, crisp.  lots of hammock time.  baseball season started and my beloved red sox are off to a great start.  i like coach farrell but i miss tito.

we took a quick trip to washington, dc to see mumford and sons.  i am obsessed.  they did not disappoint.

while in dc, we were able check out the discovery shuttle.  so amazing.  it brought back thrilling memories of our trip to florida to see its last launch.  a memory that will never fade.

i kidnapped the husband from work one thursday and surprised him with acc tournament tickets.  we ran in my dad at the games!

kelsi creates is doing amazing.  i am super busy every day with orders coming in and going out.  it is so exciting!

so that is that.  we are enjoying life.  staying outdoors as much as possible before he gets north carolina humid hot.  every day we have so many things to be thankful for.