renovation begin.

last night we started the flooring renovation.  each box weighs 60 pounds.  carrying enough square foot for one bedroom wiped us completely out.  and by us, i mean my husband.  from the garage to upstairs, after three boxes the only comment i heard was, “it is going to be a long summer.”

we are starting in our upstairs two guest bedrooms.  we never use the blue one and it was the most empty of furniture, so an easy choice.  basically, we took the little that was in this room and moved it across the hall to our pet sitters room.  yes, she has her own room.  she is apart of our family.  that room will be next.

the wood has to sit inside our home, boxes opened for 7 days to “breathe.”  here is a close of up bamboo flooring.  say goodbye carpet.  your days are numbered.