paint, flooring and more paint, oh my.

in the last four days our downstairs has had quite the facelift.  thanks to my in-laws, dylan was able to start and finish his office flooring.  in one day people.  we are setting records.

here is the before progress photo.  please note the unfinished wall from, oh two years ago.  paint from when this was my office.  definitely not what dylan would have picked for his.  and the original, 15 year old laminate flooring.

in the process of removing the laminate.  the board were glued together at the seams, which actually made removing easy.  completely destructive, but simple.

and here is the completed floor.  ahhh.  with each room complete, we love it more and more.

i decided the husband {and his family} were working so hard on the floors, that i would try to hire painters to come in and paint his new office.  if you know us, you know we don’t hire out for anything.  this was a big deal.  but my kelsi creates account was looking good and i really wanted to treat the husband.  i found painters that had a cancelation and came out monday morning for an estimate.  $330 for the office AND the foyer.  i couldn’t believe it!  i have been wanting to get the foyer painted ever since the day we moved in.  the peach/pink neutral and i did not get along.  at all.  the guys work out of durham and if anyone wants their contact info, just shoot me a message.  they really did a great job.  here at 8am tuesday {due to the cancelation} and finished by 1pm.

deep breaths in.  simple. classic.  the husband was definitely surprised and excited.  i love the new paint color with the new floors.  this is the same paint color that is in our kitchen and sunroom, it is valspar wicker.

say goodbye carpeted stairs, your days are numbered.

the husband is taking a flooring break next weekend and he is painting the nursery.  exciting!  if any paint friends in the area want to come out and help him, a huge thank you.  i am obviously thrilled as to why i can’t offer any assistance, but it is frustrating to see him doing all this work and he won’t let me offer any help.

i just keep walking into the foyer and his office this morning and smiling.