a snapshot.

just a quick snapshot to share our exciting news.

the husband and i are expecting a baby BOY!

we had an amazing gender reveal shower this past weekend with our family and friends.  you can literally see the excitement and adrenaline on our faces as we are moments away from cutting into the cake to reveal the blue inside.  we couldn’t be more thrilled.  once i receive the photos, i will post lots of the details.  so many amazing details i can’t wait to share.

our little boy’s name {still getting used to that!} will be garrett alexander.  we wanted to find a balance between having family names but allowing him to be his own person.  i am really happy with our choice.  garrett is the husband’s middle name.  it isn’t common but not unusual.  alexander is my dad and grandfather’s middle name.  our son will have ties to both of our families while having his own unique name.

we can’t thank everyone enough for the love and support we have felt throughout this pregnancy.  we are beyond blessed and words can’t describe our happiness.  we are just so incredibly thankful every single day.


Congratulations Kelsi, I'm so excited for you!