{diy office desk} the husband has a new office!

nowadays i am pretty darn sure the husband looks forward to going back to work, especially after a four day weekend spent working every muscle and bone on home projects.  we made the mistake of working on two rooms {nursery and the husband’s office}, simultaneously, and getting frustrated that we were not finishing either.  as saturday came to an end, we decided to focus all our energy on completing the office.  after all, the office furniture has been filling my dining room, foyer, and living room for about two weeks and my patience was running thin.  i needed some clean space again.

if you remember, last christmas we moved my “kelsi creates” business from the green and black chalkboard office into the much larger red room office.  this move was great for my business but left the husband with glitter filled furniture that didn’t fit his 6″3′ frame.  nor his number of computers.  and his most favorite blue chair clashed HORRIBLY with the green/black walls.  it was quite the eye sore.

here before shot of my old craft room. soon after we first moved in, we removed the french doors and put up a wall.  this made both rooms tremendously larger but three years later, still hadn’t painted.

next up, flooring.  thanks to a full saturday a couple weeks ago with my mother and father in law, they were able to finish the flooring in one day.

i wanted to pitch in some help and hired painters to paint our neutral color of choice, valspar wicker.

now the fun part, building a desk.  i found a couple of “how-to” diy desks online matched with the cabinets and tools we could find, we came up with a great diy desk for us.  we started with unfinished kitchen cabinets from lowes.  sanded and painted white to match the other existing furniture in the room.

we then bought 2, 2x6x12 and 1, 2x4x12.  the husband sanded and stained and then did several coats of polyurethane.  then one by one brought them inside to top the cabinets.  we wanted two “work stations” for our desktop and our mac.  this will make it wonderful for the days when the husband can work from home.  once the desktop was in place, there was lots of clamps used to get the wood to cooperate.

slowly coming together.  martha stewart was a great helper.  well, about as great as i was.  she and i had fun keeping cheerful company. {she had her teeth cleaned last week so she had to be sedated, which is why her front leg is shaved.}

finish office space! i have to say, this was a lot more work than we had originally thought.  it cost a bit more than our budget due to a couple mistakes and having to buy replacements.  but the husband and i are so thrilled with the way it came together.  we bought a rug to coordinate with his favorite blue chair and two “kitchen” chairs at ikea.  the desk is approximately 36″ tall, so basically a standing desk for my short self.

we kept two pieces of furniture from my old craft room days.  both were craigslist items and they worked out perfectly.

the pride of the room, the desk.  it really is beautiful.  and since it was a diy, i know i am tremendously proud of it.

and a preview of the before painted nursery.  i went to take a nap {a normal occurrence on weekends} and the husband woke me up telling me bean {our nickname for baby until we have a name to call him or her} had left me a message.  adorable.  cue tears.  {also a normal occurrence on all days.}