{weekly menu}

in an attempt to get organized, i am hoping to start back to blogging our weekly menu.  i love receiving the feedback from you guys, especially when you share your meals for the week.  sharing is indeed caring. ha!

lately we have been running into the, all we do is buy food but feel like we don’t ever have anything at home to eat problem.  my food aversions, while much better now that we are in the second trimester, are still present.  raw meat and i are not friends.  and anything green.  no, thank you.


dinner:  chicken pot pie.  homemade and gluten free.  i am loosely following this recipe.


breakfast:  bagel with honey nut cream cheese.  i am a little obsessed with the udi’s whole grain gluten free bagels.

lunch: leftover chicken pot pie.

dinner: book club night with my ladies! the husband will be well taken care of with leftover pot pie ;)


breakfast: bagel with honey nut cream cheese.

lunch: leftover chicken pot pie.

dinner:  taco salad night. we have a tradition of watching big brother eating nachos made up of black beans, corn and cheese nachos or basically the same toppings over lettuce.  tonight, lettuce.


breakfast: cereal.  gluten free honey nut chex. + brown cow strawberry yogurt.

lunch:  taco salad leftovers.

dinner:  i have a board meeting so it will be whatever we can throw together individually or together.


breakfast: bagel.

lunch: whatever i have leftovers of.

dinner:  out with one of my favorite people.


breakfast: cereal.

lunch:  blt sandwich + yogurt.

dinner:  baked spaghetti. sub gluten free pasta.


brunch: blueberry pancakes topped with strawberries.

dinner: black bean and corn nachos {big brother night}