seven years later.

seven years later i would still say yes.  i would still pick him to be mine.

a friend of mine {whom also took these amazing photos of the husband and myself} made a list on her anniversary.  i loved it so i am doing the same.

1 house in the suburbs, 1 house in the country

1 job + 1 new business started

1 dog added to the pack

saying goodbye to sadie and sam

7 chickens and several hives of bees

1 bachelor’s degree + 1 master’s degree

3 heartbreaking losses

1 baby boy on the way

7 happy years of marriage

i love being his “mrs.”  saturday night we went out to celebrate our last anniversary as a family of two.  we legitimately are happier and healthier than we were seven years ago.  we don’t feel like the same two people that said “i do” and i am so incredibly proud of the work we have put into this marriage.  to grow together is the most difficult thing and we are finding our way, together.

i simply just love being his.