mumford & sons. {3rd time around}

the husband and i have been fortunate enough to attend three mumford and sons concerts over the last two years.

i have written about my favorite band time and time again.  their words have gotten me through some really difficult times.  this third concert was a full circle moment for me.  their first album was my inspiration, playing in my ears for almost every single pound lost.  their second helped me cope with the pain of miscarriages and heartbreaking frustrations of infertility.

the first time we went to see mumford and sons we were in the two week waiting torture period.  we had just started trying again and were so very optimistic.  i remember sitting on the lawn just hoping beyond hope there was a baby growing inside of me.  there wasn’t.

the second time, pretty much the same scenario.  it was several months later, still trying and hoping, i sang along with the entire auditorium every word.  a few days later realizing, yet again, there was no baby.

earlier this september the third time was the charm.  my almost 30 weeks along baby boy was kicking along with the music.  the music he has been listening consistently his entire existence.  i am pretty sure mumford and sons and red sox baseball commentary will be what soothes our little one instead of the traditional lullabies.

there are no words to describe our hearts these days.  i wake up throughout the night and every time i lay back down, before closing my eyes i wait to feel a movement.  i smile, take a deep breath and remember that this isn’t a dream.  i fall back asleep.  i wake up each morning, count my ten kicks and start my day.  each night, the same.  i lay down, the husband and i both tell garrett how incredibly grateful we are for him, count more kicks and then off to sleep.

while i am scared of everything {an entire post}, i am happier than i ever thought i could be.

below my feet is my favorite song.  nowadays i can’t get through to the end without tears.  in my head i flashback to over the last five years and see where we are today and i can’t help but cry.  i found this print {from etsy, of course!} and it will proudly hang in garrett’s room.