a nursery complete. {almost}

i have so loved putting garrett’s nursery together.  we opted to not go with a theme.  we couldn’t pick just one.  our interests range vastly and we ultimately wanted a variety of images and influences for our little guy.  with, at the most 18 days!, until his arrival we are mostly finished.  i just have a photo/painting collage that i will put together above his changing dresser.  his essentials are complete and in place.  now we just wait.

this is what the room looked like before.  carpet.  a not so appealing baby blue.  then came the hardwood flooring.  new neutral paint color.  lots of days sitting and dreaming what it is going to be like having a little one call this space his own.

i love the colors navy and white.  i have a great piece of artwork that will go above the changing dresser that is the red sox, red sox.  so i tied in a few pieces of red.  his toy basket under the bookshelves and laundry basket.  i love the black out curtains.  they are navy and don’t have cords!

i really wanted a minimalist furniture approach which led to the wall mounted bookshelves.  they don’t take up floor space and i love how inviting the books are.  i walk in and immediately want to take a book off the shelf and start reading to garrett.  hopefully, he will feel the same way.  the planet mobile might be one of my favorite things.  who knew i was such a space nerd?!

the husband installed an entirely new closet system, one that will grow with garrett.  the shelves are adjustable and there are tons of accessories to personalize what will work best for you.   top shelf is 0-6 months.  baskets have socks, hats, shoes.  bottom shelf is 6-12 months.  after taking these photos i quickly realized i have a stripe problem.  apparently i have envisioned my little guy in a lot of stripes.  i am good with it.

garrett’s toy basket.  oh how i would love to have his toys forever fit in this little basket.

three drawers of diapers, cleaned, stuffed with inserts and ready to go.  only one is brand new, meaning we are tremendously blessed for cloth diapering mama friends that have either just given or sold very cheaply their diapers.  i am still a bit overwhelmed but i figure it is going to be a learn as you go experience.  i am pretty excited.

my sweet girl.  not quite sure about all of this new stuff that is suddenly in almost every room of the house.  i have found her sleeping in the nursery a couple of nights which makes my heart melt.  so many changes these past nine months have happened, with the biggest one yet just days away.  we are all so tremendously blessed and filled with love.


I may have a child some day, and cloth diapers appeal to me. I do hope once your life has settled some, you will share your experiences! Congratulations!